BROADBAND provider Fibrus has announced that the first homes have been connected as part of the new £108m gigabit-capable broadband scheme to improve connectivity in rural Cumbria.

Fibrus was awarded the Project Gigabit contract for Cumbria in November 2022, with a remit for the provision of full fibre broadband to around 60,000 premises in the area.

It has taken just six months for residents in Staveley to experience the benefits of the fastest broadband on the market thanks to new technology provided by Fibrus.

Project Gigabit is the biggest broadband roll-out in British history, backed with £5bn from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) to deliver lightning-fast broadband connections to hard-to-reach and rural areas that would otherwise have missed out.

Gigabit-capable networks are fast and future-proofed, allowing users to work, stream and scroll online without the battle for bandwidth or disruption often experienced with ageing networks.

Maxine and Keith Brown from Staveley were among the first customers connected.

Keith said: "It's good to hear that the government is investing in full fibre broadband in rural areas across Cumbria. 

"Many properties get a terribly slow broadband connection on the old copper service. 

"They'll be pleased to be connected to fibre so they can do more things online at home."

Maxine said: "The people who installed our internet were absolutely wonderful.

"They were in and out with no bother, and everything was explained to us.

"I'd recommend Fibrus to anybody."

Fibrus' Chief Delivery Officer Conor Harrison said:

"From signing the contract late last year to connecting the first homes in Staveley within six months illustrates the high speed of delivery with which Fibrus has become synonymous.

"The efficient execution of this work is testament to the commitment, dedication, and skill of our team members, who are equipped and ready to deliver full fibre broadband to the people of Cumbria.

Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure, Sir John Whittingdale, said:

"The government-funded Project Gigabit is a connectivity revolution - delivering lightning-fast broadband for people in some of the UK’s hardest-to-reach communities.

"Some 60,000 properties in rural Cumbria will benefit from the finished network, giving residents access to the fastest broadband speeds on the market."