Whether you spent break times singing into a hairbrush pretending you were one of the Spice Girls or celebrating keeping your Tamagotchi alive between lessons, plenty of pupils will have fond memories of their time at school during the 1990s. 

And we must have got a few things right when it comes to fashion choices as the high street is once again full of 90s looks including cycling shorts, cargo pants and scrunchies.

Here we take a trip back down memory lane and relive all the must-have trends and the moments some would probably rather forget from their school days in the 90s. 

1. Swapping Pogs, Panini stickers or Pokemon cards

If your mates weren't bringing into school stacks of Panini football stickers looking for a swap then the chances are they were playing with their Pokemon cards or, for a brief chunk of the late 90s, demolishing bags of Walkers crisps to find a new Pog. 

2. We all thought we were amazing at origami

 Paper plane? Pah! There was one thing we could all make that felt a lot more creative during wet play...but I can't actually remember the name for it so we'll just call it a paper fortune teller. 

You had to fold in all the corners and then write colours on the outside and label the flaps inside with numbers. 

Friends had to pick a colour before selecting a number twice (so you could open and close it the number of times they had picked with their first number) and then you lifted up the flap to reveal their fortune or perhaps decide what animal they're most like. 


3. Trying to keep your Tamagotchi alive between lessons

It was easy enough after Christmas when you were sat around at home. 

But once the school term started and Tamagotchis were banned from desks, it was basically impossible to keep those little robot pets happy. 

According to a Reddit thread, the world record for keeping the original 1996/97 Tamagotchi alive was 89 days - can you remember what your longest streak was?

The Mail:

4. Covering your textbooks in Groovy Chick wrapping paper

Nobody wants bland books and if you were a certain age, there was only one choice when it came to backing them in brightly decorated paper - Bubblegum. 

Were you a Groovy Chick, Disco Diva or did your mum let you buy Nutty Tart!? 


5. Dilemmas bigger than whether you were a Blur or Oasis fan...



6. Having your arm weighed down by a Baby-G watch

Everybody wanted one but if you were like me and had scrawny adolescent forearms then the size of them looked ridiculous on a bony wrist.  

And if you did get one, you no doubt had somebody try to claim it was theirs after PE.

7. Shopping at Tammy Girl before the school disco

Time to get stocked up on hair mascara, butterfly clips and jelly shoes before spraying a whole can of Impulse all over yourself or bathing yourself in Versace Red Jeans perfume. 

For the boys there was only one choice - Lynx. 

8. School hall lined with Kwenchy Kups ready for the school disco

It was thirsty work dancing to the Macarena or Saturday Night


@audreymcmittens Can't beat a 15p Kwenchy Kup #over30club #over40sclub #millennialsoftiktok #millennial #90s #ukmemories #90snostalgia #memoriesunlocked #childhoodmemories #schooldisco #nostalgia #memories ♬ Saturday Night - Whigfield

9. Dial-up internet RUINING your MSN Messenger chats

You told everybody you would be online at 7pm but it's been 45 minutes and your modem is still pinging and crackling away. 

And if that wasn't annoying enough, it's been suggested you should just use Encarta to do your homework while you wait.

If we had emojis back then, the angry red one would be top of frequently used. 

10. Your pencil case was filled with scented gel pens

Don't bother asking your mates to close their eyes and guess the smell as they will have no idea if it was grape or apple but it made writing notes in class a lot more fun. 

11. Making decisions based on advice your mates had read in Mizz or Sugar magazine


@starholroyd The advice in these magazines was actually mad though 😭🤣 #mizzmag #nostalgiacomedy #britishnostalgia ♬ original sound - Star Holroyd

What else would you add to this list?