THE HAIRY Bikers have dished out their advice to a woman that is ‘too lazy’ to break up with her boyfriend.

A fan of the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast wrote to TV cooks Dave Myers and Si King to present her conundrum.

Writing in about her relationship, ‘Primrose’ said: “I’ve been with Adolphus for a couple of years, we met in a pub at a time I wasn’t really looking for a relationship and I just kind of fell into it.

“We don’t live together, and while he’s keen as a puppy for us to move in, if I’m honest I can’t ever see us doing that.

“Don’t get me wrong he’s nice but he’s a bit annoying. He collects records for a hobby, he’s got a garage full of them, and I don’t fancy sharing a house with all these records.

“He’s also got a parrot and he eats with his mouth open.”

The woman says she has thought many times that she should ‘just dump him’, but then he’ll bring chips round on a Friday night when she’s tired and he is granted a ‘reprieve’.

She said: “I know I can do better than Adolphus but I’m a bit lazy and I thought that if I didn’t give him any encouragement, which I don’t, he’d just not bother coming back. But he seems to think that’s some form of challenge.”

Taken aback by the question, Barrow-born Dave asked if Primrose was able to be comfortable on her own.

He said: “Primrose, you’ve got Adolphus hanging on there as almost like a ‘put you on’, until you see someone better.

“I know people like that, ‘oh they’ll do for while’.

“Are you one of those people, Primrose, who can’t be on their own, ever?”

Podcast regular Posh Tash failed to back Primrose.

She said: “I’m sorry Primrose, I should be on your side. Female power and all. But I think you sound a bit of a whinge bag.

“If you don’t like him just be polite and say sorry you’re not for me, and find somebody else that is better for you.”

Si added: “Either commit to him or don’t, but don’t keep him hanging on it’s not fair.”