A COUPLE has been left appalled after the cancellation of a bus service that serves the Cartmel Peninsula.

Lisa and Matthew Thurston, who live in Kents Bank, have revealed their concerns after Travellers Choice announced the withdrawal of their 530/532 bus services.

From July 20 the bus which goes around the peninsula, stopping at Lindale, Grange, Allithwaite, Flookburgh, Cartmel and Cark before taking passengers into Kendal, will cease to exist.

The pair, who do not have a car and can only rely on public transport, have been left 'absolutely appalled.'

Matthew said: "I have spoken to a few people that are regular users of this bus and they are devastated.

"I do feel for the local elderly population. Grange is a retirement town and to have no bus service is unbelievable. 

"You can't organise your life around public transport here, which must be awful for the elderly."

Lisa said that for older people, catching the bus is a way for them to 'avoid isolation.'

She said: "They meet all their friends on the bus. It is a lovely caring community of people who all know each other on the bus. It is wonderful.

"I know they will not be able to socialise, and many will be very unhappy."

Apart from the lack of public transport, Lisa and her family have to walk 45 minutes from the bus stop to her house.

"For us, it is also a struggle, and it takes forever to get anywhere, and it's hard carrying home shopping for an hour," she said.

"The youngsters who need to get a job also struggle with the weather and the time walking to the bus for college or a job.

"I know that life is a real struggle for them, and my eldest daughter sometimes takes one and half hours to get to Kendal."

A spokesman for The Travellers Choice said it was not 'commercially viable' to keep the services 'without the school run.'

The spokesman said: "There are no council subsidies anymore for bus services. That service would have ended years ago if it had not been for the school run.

"It has been a hard decision to take, but we are a business, so we can't pay to run our vehicles; the vehicles need to pay for themselves."

Tim Farron, the MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, is calling on bus companies and local councils to work together to find a solution to save this bus service. 

The MP has started a petition to find a solution.

To sign the petition, visit: https://www.wfelibdems.uk/campaigns/save-the-cartmel-peninsula-bus-service