A MAN with cerebral palsy has been invited to visit the studios at BBC Radio 2 and meet his inspiration Michael Ball.

Barrow-born Harrison Holmes, who hosts a weekly show at Radio Lonsdale, a hospital radio station based at Furness General Hospital, will be heading to London after the presenter surprised him with a video call while he was on air.

The invitation was arranged by BBC North West Tonight.

In the video, Ball said: "I have heard about you.

"You are passionate, you are entertaining, you are kind and you are a real character. 

"I'd like you to show me how it's done. I'm going to invite you to join me here on BBC Radio 2.

"I think you are an inspiration, young man. I can't wait to meet you. God bless."

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Harrison's mother Joanne Holmes said:​ "He is really shocked, over the moon and so excited.

"He can't stop talking about it."

Harrison and his mother will be visiting the BBC premises on Sunday morning.

Mrs Holmes said going on to his radio show makes him feel like he has got 'a lot of self-worth'.

"When he goes into Radio Lonsdale on a Wednesday to him it's work," she said. 

"He has got something like his brother and sister do. For him it is the best thing possible that has happened to him."

Mr Holmes said Harrison's 'main mission' has always been to work on BBC Radio 2.

Harrison is seen as an inspiration for a lot of parents, young adults and children with cerebral palsy.

Harrison spent his first two years of life in hospital and has had more than 26 operations.

To listen to 'The Harrison Show' tune into Radio Lonsdale every Wednesday at 5:45 pm.