THE HAIRY Bikers have thanked fans for their support after being named as winners in the Fortnum and Mason Food and Drink Awards 2023.

The public chose Si King and Dave Myers as their winners of the Personality of the Year category for work published or broadcast last year.

Speaking on their Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast, the pair spoke about their delight at winning the award.

TV cook Si King said: “Thanks so much to all of you who voted for us at the Fortnum and Mason Awards, honestly we were absolutely overjoyed to win.

“It was class.

“We won the Personality of the Year award for the second year in a row and it meant so much to us, so thank you.”

Dave Myers, from Barrow, called it a ‘brilliant’ night.

The award ceremony proved to be a memorable event, filled with delightful moments and memorable encounters.

Dave gleefully recounted his experience of cuddling Stanley Tucci, who donned a light corduroy suit.

The joy continued as Dave also had the opportunity to share a warm embrace with the renowned culinary icon, Mary Berry.

Dave said: “It was an amazing night, I got to cuddle Stanley Tucci.

“I had a cuddle with Mary Berry as well so it was lovely.

“Everybody was there. Everybody in the food world was there.”

The culinary pair were accompanied by podcast regular Posh Tash at the awards night.

Posh Tash said: “I was so privileged to be there with you and it was such a wonderful moment seeing you up there on the stage together.”

She said the bikers looked ‘beautiful’ in their green suits.

And Posh Tash couldn't contain her enthusiasm, admitting to having a fan girl moment over Mary Berry.

She marvelled at Berry's ageless beauty and aspired to look as incredible as her in the years to come. Si joined in the admiration, describing Berry as a ‘lovely lady’.