THIS year's annual K2B turned into a day never to forget for one young woman as her partner dropped to one knee at the Hawcoat Park finishing line.

On a day of memorable moments in Barrow onlookers were treated to a singular spectacle when 27-year-old Fergus Stewart, originally from Gosport, proposed to now-fiance Eleanor Clough, 26, seconds after crossing the finishing line together.

Fergus had carried the ring in a poo bag in his shorts pocket for the whole 40 miles.

The pair, who both work for BAE Systems and live in Barrow, first met four years ago on the very same Keswick to Barrow route.

Eleanor, originally from Askam, reflected on the moment, saying: "What a crazy day.

"It was my 10th K2B so I thought my friends were just greeting me with flowers and champagne to celebrate that.

"I was very confused, little did I know what was actually going on.

"We met four years ago on the Keswick to Barrow walk when a very confident southerner told me he was going to run the whole way, oblivious to what he was getting himself into.

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"30 miles later I passed him on the moors hobbling along and in a lot of pain, and he pulled out.

"We ran a marathon four weeks ago and since then I've been in a world of pain and wasn’t even sure if I was going to do the K2B let alone finish it.

"But throughout the walk Fergus kept reminding me how annoyed I would be if I didn't finish the full thing.

"I spent the last two miles screaming at him and telling him to stop putting so much pressure on me to finish.

"Needless to say, we smashed another personal best (seven hours and 27 minutes, crossing the line at 1.05pm) and finished in a big whirlwind.

"Everything was a little crazy and a blur on the day.

"My main memory was crying and shouting to everyone, 'how embarrassing, I've got sausage fingers'.

"But we couldn't be happier to have our family and friends supporting us on the finish line and to have the rest of the Cool Runnings team out to support too.

"I beat Fergus by one second but I think he will use getting down on one knee as his excuse."