THE Hairy Bikers have issued advice to a Belgian fan who found herself abroad with a difficult travelling companion during an ongoing cancer battle.

‘Kristina’ told cooking duo Dave Myers and Si King on the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast that her last trip to Barcelona turned into a ‘slight nightmare’.

“At the moment my cancer is stable and I try to enjoy every waking moment and enjoy an occasional city trip,” said Kristina.

“My last city trip to Barcelona turned into a slight nightmare due to my friend ‘Raya’ accompanying me.

“She turned out to have no consideration whatsoever for me, she didn’t listen when I asked to take a rest when walking and refused when I asked to take a bus or a metro.

“We had quite the argument on day three where I just jumped on the bus to the hotel and left her standing on the pavement.”

Kristina has since vowed to ‘never, ever’ go on holiday with her friend again, however, Raya has already asked her to go on another trip to Rome.

Kristina asked Dave and Si for tips on how to tell Raya that she is ‘awful’ and that she doesn’t want to go.

Si said: “If you’re that poorly and you’re asking your mate for a rest, then that’s what you do, surely, isn’t it?

“She’s just got to tell her that she was a horrible travel companion and very inconsiderate given the situation.”

Dave, who is facing an ongoing battle against cancer himself, says he has recently had a similar situation.

He said: “We had a similar thing recently when we went away.

“As a family we booked a spa day which was really important to us to relax, but some other members of the family came from away.”

Dave explained how the family members wanted to visit many places with him, but his wife Lil put a stop to it.

“In the end I was lucky because Lil was the one who just said no it’s not going to happen,” said Dave.

“My god it took some persuading.

“I think its fair enough to say look under these circumstances I can’t go away with you, we either find a compromise or I’m just better off at home because I can’t do it. I know how she feels.”