CHILDREN from Burlington School in Kirkby-in-Furness have created a piece of art inspired by the local scenery that is now on display at The Coronation Hall in Ulverston as part of the Printfest celebrations.

Students from years two and three spend three weeks of art lessons working on their 'topograph', showing the natural and artificial physical features of the area.

Their piece was inspired by the view across Duddon Estuary towards Black Combe.

Burlington finished their masterpiece in February but have had to wait until this weekend, April 29, to see their work on display at Printfest.

Jacob, Oscar and Oliver said their art captured the marshes and featured map details. They made little animals out of Styrofoam such as gulls, heron, otter and sheep.

Different materials were used for texture, including bubble wrap, cardboard and sugar paper.

The class used different mediums like paint and ink, printing and rolling on some details, they even included the village train station.

With grid references and labels on the names of the fells, the art is both clever and educational. It uses yellow, green and black colours to show the hills along Duddon Valley.

The class had help from Jacob’s Mum, Esther Benson, who came into school to lend a creative hand.

This is the first year Printfest have introduced an award for ‘Young Printmaker of the Year’.

The boys said they would 'definitely win' the award for ‘Young Printmaker of the Year’ - and were looking forward to winning and getting a lollipop.

Oliver is going to Printfest this weekend to see his work on display. He said: “It was really fun to make. I like trees and we worked very hard because we wanted to win.”

Oscar said he was confident that their art would win, and that the only thing that could make it better would be to add some more trees and put some fish in the estuary.

Jacob said: “It’s the best because we made it! It doesn’t look like an ordinary map, it’s very unique.”