THE Hairy Bikers have offered advice to an anti-social fan who is struggling to enjoy the company of others during his time off.

‘Nicholas’ wrote to Dave Myers and Si King on the Hairy Bikers Agony Uncles podcast for advice on how to become more social.

“I’m a bit of a homebird,” explained Nicholas. “I love my days off at home playing video games, watching films with a lovely cup of tea and some biscuits - it’s a perfect day off.

“However, I’m not a huge fan of going out for meals or seeing friends for a coffee as I find myself clock watching, seeing my day disappear, as in my head this is getting in the way of my lovely cosy day to myself.

“Next thing I know I’m in bed and it’s back to work the next day and it drives me bonkers.”

Podcast regular ‘Posh Tash’ suggested that Nicholas and his partner watch an episode of The Hairy Bikers, something that Nicholas says he and his partner enjoy doing together, before heading out for a meal so that they have something to talk about.

However, Dave disagreed with the idea.

He said: “The thing is you watch the telly, you’re all settled down with your feet up - you don’t want to get up again and go out. No, not once you’re settled.

“I’m with Nicholas on this one!”

Si added that it’s ‘nice to be a little bit social’, recommending assigning days to be cosy and other days to make an effort with his partner and friends, making sure to be an ‘engaged, actively social human being with all the social norms that go with that’.

Posh Tash said that ultimately, Nicholas has ‘got to enjoy it’.

Dave, once again relating to Nicholas, said: “There stands the tale, he’s got to enjoy it.

“I find that, I get this list of summons through the week and I think oh no.

“I’ve got things on, I’ve got my railway, got my model aircraft, I’ve got reasons to be cheerful.

“By and large I’ve stopped drinking as well and that’s knackered my social life because I don’t enjoy it anymore!”