MORE people in Barrow had a second address as a holiday home than in 2011, census figures show.

As part of the 2021 census, the Office for National Statistics has revealed which areas in the UK have the most holiday home owners.

The figures show there were 378 people from Barrow staying at holiday homes – up from 291 in 2011.

This means 0.5% of the area's 69,087 residents regularly stayed at a holiday home as of 2021.

As staycations become more popular, so too has the number of people with holiday hideaways in other parts of the UK – 189,000 did so as of 2021, up from 155,000 a decade prior.

The rising number of second homes in holiday hotspots has seen some local authorities take measures to curb the squeeze on the housing supply for residents, such as reforming council tax.

The ONS said the peak age of people staying in holiday homes has increased, from 64 years old in 2011 to 73 years old in 2021, which it said likely reflects the growing size of this generation.