A WOMAN who has been hiking for almost three years has shared her journey around Cumbria as part of her epic walk around the UK's coastline.

Tracey Hannam, a woman from Bath, Somerset, embarked on her journey on July 4 2020, after being made redundant and splitting up with her partner during the pandemic. 

She is walking the whole UK coastline with just a tent and a backpack to her name and has covered around 7,000 miles.

"I decided that I would go to the sea, my happy place, so I bought a bagpack and a tent and I thought this tent will be my friend and home for the next three years," said the woman.

The woman was welcomed at St. John's Primary School in Silverdale, where she shared her journey with young pupils.

"It was the highlight of my week. Everyone at the school was amazing," said the hiker.

"It was an heartwarming experience to share stories of my adventures with the children who sat attentively listening asking questions and politely answering my questions."

As part of her long hike, Tracey set up a fundraising where people could sponsor her trip, with proceedings going to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

She said: "Along my journey the RLNI have been absolutely fantastic. Every station I walked by they offered me a coffee and support."

The Mail: Tracey at the Shetland Islands.Tracey at the Shetland Islands. (Image: Tracey Hannam)

Tracey is currently in Ulverston and will walk to Barrow and Whitehaven in the following days.

She said: "Everyone has been fantastic. I sleep in my tent and tonight (Saturday, April 22) a lady in Ulverston that has been following my journey is offering me a bed, a meal and a bath so I'm quite excited.

"The people here are so amazing. Everybody says hello, everybody is friendly. I love all the old-fashioned buildings. I know nothing about this area so every day is a new day to see new things and meet new people. I didn't know a thing about Cumbria and now I am here and I'm learning a lot.

Tracey is planning to be in the Western Scottish Islands in the Summer and then to return back to Aberdeen.

"Then I have got to do the Scilly Islands and I will be finished with 12,000 miles," said Tracey.

The woman has written more than 100 poems and she is hoping to publish a poetry book after concluding her trip.

To support Tracey's fundraising visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Tracey-Hannam1?fbclid=IwAR2Do8q4bQlyBz4C-w5h_9N2Qa_oJWhmnp4ZoH4gmZU3XBXY-8DCSMkfLAk