WITH a brand-new cookbook from The Hairy Bikers set to be released, the duo have given fans a sneak peek.

Barrow’s Dave Myers and his co-star Si King have written a new book, The Hairy Dieters Eat Well Every Day, which is set to be released on April 27.

Dave and Si have both received an early copy of the book, which they have shared with fans.

In a video showing Dave tearing through a cardboard box, he said: “This is a moment that never, ever gets stale.

“Si and I are so lucky as authors, when our new book arrives, we get to open the box!

“The first glimpse is fantastic.

“It’s spring, we’re all spring cleaning, it could be time for a human spring clean.”

Removing the book from the box, he said: “The Hairy Dieters Eat Well Every Day.

“This isn’t about counting calories, it’s food that’s fit for purpose.

“I just feel healthy looking at it!

“So proud of it, it’s out soon.”

Co-star Si was also keen to show off the book.

He said: “Eat Well Every Day, well why not.

“It’s always so lovely, it’s a bit of a special book this, so I hope you enjoy it!”

The book will include chapters such as Feed Your Immunity, Eating For Energy, 5 A Day, Fibre Feasts, Brain Foods, Look After Your Heart and Sleep Suppers.

There will be plenty of ‘no-fuss’ recipes such as spiced sweet potato tea bread, shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash, pot-roast chicken with barley, mackerel fishcakes and blueberry mini loaf cakes.

Each recipe will have the full nutritional and calorie information.