A DIVING club is changing the way it attracts new members after numbers have dwindled from the usual high levels of membership attained in its 50-year history.

Kendal and Lakes Sub Aqua Club is forging a relationship with a local school, using e-learning for theory and partnering with a commercial dive school to provide a plethora of training solutions.

The diving club visits a variety of sites including ‘Coniston and Wastwater, Farne Islands, St Abbs, Sound of Mull, Scapa Flow, Red Sea and many more’.

Gary Davis, try-dive co-ordinator said: “The Covid lockdown hit the club membership hard and for the first time in many years, membership had dwindled to only 20 from historic highs of around 80.

“Recent moves have put it on the up and with a great team of well qualified instructors waiting to teach diving, we’re ready to go with an exciting program of training and diving into the next 50 years!”

In 1972 a group of like-minded people, who had already started diving, got together as a dive club. This club joined the British Sub Aqua Club to become branch number 546.

Members of the club have a wide variety of interests, including; scenic diving, wreck diving, underwater photography, marine life, technical diving, and holiday diving.

It is now easier than ever for new members to join the club, via the main British Sub Aqua Club website. It is now also possible to pay branch subscriptions monthly, something that has proven popular with members.

Gary said: “SCUBA diving is a popular and adventurous sport and anyone joining Kendal and Lakes Sub Aqua Club can choose from a multi-pronged approach to learning.

"You can choose e-learning for theory to fit with busy lifestyles, the classroom approach for those with a more traditional approach to learning, or via our partner dive school for those who may be in a hurry.

“Want to give it a try? Get in touch with us for a free adult try-dive. It’s our 50th birthday and we are offering 50 free adult try dives to encourage new club members!

“The main social event in 2023 will be a dinner to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary on May 27.

“We have been actively tracing and inviting past members of the club, especially from the early times. If that’s you, then please get in touch via the website, or find us on Facebook.

To find out more, visit the website at: www.kld.org.uk