A FESTIVAL showcasing metal and punk is returning to Barrow – and it’s expected to be the biggest event to date.

Funeral Fest has been showcasing a host of talent in the UK scene for several years with past headliners including Avenger, Abaddon and Skelethal.

Organiser Matthew Davidson said that 2023 was set to be the ‘most ambitious event yet’, expanding from one day of music to two, with 20 diverse, heavy acts ranging from ‘internationally recognised artists’ to ‘rising newcomers and promising underground powerhouses’.

The festival will be at the Soccer Bar on June 30 and July 1.

Matthew said: “Headlining the event on the Friday are sludgy hardcore riff merchants Raging Speedhorn.

“Formed in 1998, the band quickly made a name for themselves in the metal scene, gaining high profile slots on Download Festival and Reading/Leeds and even a UK singles chart hit in their early career.

“Equally as Sabbath-esque as they are relentlessly punk infused, they have spent the last two decades laying waste to venues worldwide, continuing their critical and commercial success into the 2020s.

“Joining them as headliners for Saturday are the legendary British punk band Discharge.

“Arguably, one of the most important and influential bands in the evolution of both metal and punk, Discharge started their career in the late 70s, ramping up the intensity of bands like The Damned and The Sex Pistols with intelligently anarchic lyricism and faster tempos.

“Famously inspiring bands such as Metallica, Machine Head, Anthrax, Napalm Death and Sepultura their iconic back catalogue has endured and continues to be poignant in today's age.”

A superb set of support acts will also be performing at the festival.

Matthew said: “Topping the undercard are Derbyshire thrashers Devastator, Bristolian Death metallers Seprevation, Yorkshire Doom metallers Iron Void and London's finest theatrical grindcore act, Basement Torture Killings.

“Representing Death metal, we have local titans Repulsive Vision returning as well as Hartlepool's Vulgar Dissection and Didcot's Public Execution.

“Representing Black Metal, we have Lancaster's Andracca, Manchester's WB and both Reign of Erebus and Völniir from Yorkshire.

“Representing Doom metal, we have Glasgow's Dead Otter and Rotherham's Bodach. Finally representing Metalcore and punk, we have Midlands based Bury Me Where I Fall and locals Cash for Silence and Wendigo.”

There will also be after show performances on both nights including sets from 80s metal cover band Hollywood Ratz and Cumbria’s premier tribute to Lemmy and Co, Motorbeard.

Tickets are available from funeralfest23.bigcartel.com for £30 for a weekend or £16 for a day ticket.