A MAN from Barrow has shared his memories of the last Coronation Day in the town.

With King Charles III;s coronation happening in just under a month's time, some remember the thrill of Queen Elizabeth II'S coronation 70 years ago.

Born and raised in Barrow, Colin Knipe took a trip down memory lane to talk about the street parties in town on June 2 1953.

The man said: "I was 10 and living in Highlands Avenue on the Beacon Hill estate. 

"Lots of people had decorations on their windows and there were flags outside people's houses - everyone was very excited, including the children.

"During the morning we watched the coronation processions and ceremony on the 12 inch black and white television set that my grandfather had bought for my parents especially for the occasion for £69."

He said they were one of only two or three families in the whole road who had access to a TV.

Mr Knipe said: "Many neighbours crowded into our house to watch in the half-dark with the curtains drawn."

After the 'excitement' of watching events on the television everyone assembled at the far end of Highlands Avenue for a street party. 

He said: "There were lots of sandwiches, jelly and blancmange, and cakes - no doubt made by all the mums in the road.

"All of us youngsters came in fancy dress because there was a prize for the best outfit. 

"The mums made the costumes and there were assorted pirates, nurses, kings and queens.

"I was Sir Walter Raleigh, Jennifer Paterson was Little Red Riding Hood and her brother Neil was cricketer W G Grace, but the winner was Christine Yates. 

"The news had arrived that morning that Everest had been conquered so she came dressed as the mountaineer Edmund Hillary."

Colin, who currently lives in Dudley, West Midlands, studied at Barrow Grammar School and moved to London to become an engineer geologist.