From chocolate digestives to Viennese fingers, we all have something that tickles our fancy when it comes to biscuits.

One fan of The Hairy Bikers Dave Myers and Si King wrote into their Agony Uncles podcast in search of the best biscuit recipe to make for his students as exams begin.

Ben said: “I’m looking for a simple but tasty biscuit recipe so that my students have a little treat before they start their long journey of exams.

“And as an extra challenge, I want to make them brain shaped because I’m a psychology teacher.”

Dave knew just the thing recommending the Hairy Biker’s homemade gingernut biscuits from the Brilliant Bakes cookbook.

“It’ll get a crackle on the top that looks like a brain, superb. Gingernuts,” said Dave.

“If you wanted something savoury as well in that same book is a fantastic recipe for cheese shortbreads.”

Podcast regular Posh Tash recommended icing biscuits to make them look like brains, however this did not sit well with Dave.

He said: “You wouldn’t ice our gingernuts, that would be like putting a sack on the Mona Lisa’s head or whitewashing a Rembrandt.

“Why would you put icing on our gingernuts.”

The bikers claim that the biscuits can hold up to numerous dunks in tea or coffee, with Si stating that they ‘dunk four times quite successfully’, and Dave calling them the ‘biscuit equivalent of Tom Daley’.

Si said: “And it’s good because ginger will stop the little nervous tummies before they go into exams, it’s very good for that, ginger.”

The conversation then turned to what kind of biscuit they would be.

Posh Tash says she would be a Jaffa Cake, while the Thin White Duke believes he would be a custard cream, which Dave called a ‘granny biscuit’.

Si thought he would be a Wagon Wheel, before deciding he wanted to be a Nice Cream.

When asked what Dave would be, he said: “Hobnob all the way, it’s crunchy and irresistible – and just sweet enough.”

After reminiscing about tasty biscuits, the Thin White Duke added: “Can we at least agree that the most pointless biscuit of all time is the rich tea.”