FORMER Circular 1 Health staff claim they cannot receive benefits as their last two payslips were filed through HMRC.

Circular 1 Health, known as Me and My Health Hub in Barrow, was handed over to administrator Begbies Traynor after the company became insolvent. 

The staff were made redundant and once the company was passed to Begbies Traynor it was then put into administration. The company also ran sites in Didsbury and London. 

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The staff at Circular 1 Health were not paid for the final two months before the company was deemed insolvent. 

However they claim that the company had filed payslips through HMRC which has meant that the former staff cannot claim benefits while looking for new work. 

A staff member told The Mail: "Staff still not been paid, administrators not helping to change the fact that the company logged our payslips with HMRC even though we were not paid which leaves us with no means to claim benefits.

"Our pensions have not been paid and we can not get P45's. We have not had help and this also affects the Manchester site and the staff who we laid off in December from the London site. We have no support and have been left financially and mentally shattered. We need help." 

A spokesperson for Begbies Traynor said: "The Administrators are aware that staff have unpaid wages prior to the Company being placed into Administration on 16th March 2023 and are liaising with all employees to obtain details of any outstanding entitlements in order that the options can be explored for assisting staff with having the payroll submissions reversed.”

Shortly after they were made redundant, another former Circular 1 staff member said: "A lot of the staff are here on a temporary basis, or just short of their two-year contract. They can't get redundancy pay.

"I'm trying to get back on my feet. It will take a long process to recover from the financial situation they have put us in." 


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