HAIRY Biker Dave Myers offered some advice to a listener on how to eat while going through cancer treatment. 

The Barrow biker is going through his own cancer battle. He recently said that the cancer is not spreading but he is still receiving chemotherapy. 

He said: "I do feel I'm getting better, I know I am in terms of mobility and physiotherapy." 

Dave has made a return to TV and is making more public appearances with Si King. He said he knows he has to "live with" cancer. 

The format of their Agony Uncles podcast involves Dave and Si responding to questions from listeners about cooking or life circumstances. 

One listener, referred to as John, initially asked the bikers how to cook canned tomatoes without leaving a bitter aftertaste. 

However, he then went on to ask Dave for his own advice on what best to eat while going through cancer treatment. 

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Dave said: “When you start treatment you lose weight so it’s basically whatever you can get down your neck.

"There’s two schools of thought really, one is that you need to get the calories in so some would advocate the Mars bar, chocolate bar, milkshake diet, but that’s not very good for your energy is it really and your blood sugars, so just eat whatever you can.

"Obviously once things stabilize and you can eat and you get your appetite back watch your weight because you tend to think wow this is great!

"But I’ve got to cut back on the pies now and the bacon baps but at the time the pies and the bacon baps were what kept me going and your taste will change.

"What you used to love you’ll hate and what you used to hate you’ll love just ride that wave and get down you what you can.”

The Bikers wished John well and expressed their sympathy towards his current situation. 

According to the bikers, the best way to cook canned tomatoes is with a wooden spoon as the metal reacts with the liquid when it is hot.