A NAUGHTY goat with a penchant for grand escapes, ‘stealing’ underwear and assaulting his friends has amassed millions of views online.

Gary has been terrorising the fellow residents at his home of Willow Lane Alpacas in Flookburgh for four years.

The goat became an internet sensation during an unintended guest appearance on a TikTok video.

“I started doing TikTok videos for the alpacas because I wanted to drive people to my Etsy shop,” said owner Anne Lomas.

“Then one day I was filming with the alpacas and I turned around and Gary was on the hen hut roof, eating chicken food.

“I swore at him and I got two million views for that video.

“So I just carried on swearing at him and people love it.

“There’s a lot of people that says it makes them laugh and that’s what we want to do.”

The Mail:

Gary gets up to lots of mischief on the farm and causing havoc for the other animals.

Anne said: “He is mostly where he shouldn’t be, he escapes a lot, he steals other animals' food, he bullies the sheep that he lives with, he’s just got a bit of an attitude problem.

“He doesn’t have any goat friends because he wasn’t very nice with them.”

On TikTok it was revealed that Gary was ‘arrested and had to go to court’ after assaulting another goat.

In one video Gary can be seen wearing horn protectors to prevent him from hurting the other animals.

In the video Anne says: “Just an update from yesterday’s court appearance, Gary has to wear these noodles.

“And he’s got an electronic tag, he’s had a suspended sentence and a massive fine.”

Other shenanigans include bursting a football that a child had kicked over the fence, and ‘stealing’ underwear from a washing line.

Anne said: “Goats are difficult but he’s just got a bit of a character, a bit of something about him.

“He’s just quite funny!”

The Mail:

The talented Gary can also complete agility courses, but in true diva fashion will only complete it ‘when he wants to’.

Gary the goat greetings cards are now available to purchase, and more merchandise could be made available in the future due to popular demand from his fans.

To find the merchandise visit WillowlanealpacasGB on Etsy, and to view Gary in action search for @Alpacaanne on TikTok.