A RESCUE team was called to the aid of a pregnant cow that had sunk into thick mud.

A crew from Flookburgh-based Bay Search and Rescue was called to the sunken cow at 9.45am yesterday (March 2).

A spokesman for Bay Search and Rescue said: “Great result with the successful recovery of a well and truly sunken cow.

“As the rescue started the farmer told us that she was also heavily in calf, which made our efforts all the more important. The animal was located about a mile or so from the nearest road in a bog surrounded by trees and tall Reed’s on the Gaitbarrows Nature Reserve near Yealand in Lancashire.

“Bay Hagg 2 with a crane on the rear was deployed and our large animal lifting harness attached to the cow who was up to her shoulders in thick mud.

“It took three attempts with some repositioning involved but the animal was eventually lifted out and placed on hard ground where she lay for a few minutes before getting up and taking a few steps toward her food bucket.

“Thanks to all the team who turned out - a superb job from everyone.”