Users of the social media app Twitter have taken to the platform to report issues with the site. 

The issue appears to have started at around 7.25 pm on Wednesday (February 15) with some not being able to load the site's main page.

The problem was first reported when DowndectorUK tweeted: "User reports indicate Twitter is having problems since 7:25 PM GMT. RT if you're also having problems None"

Twitter is still to acknowledge the problem as of the time of writing.

What is wrong with Twitter as site down for many?

According to Downdetector, 86% of reported problems are to do with the app while only 7% were related to the website.

Another 4% was to do with server connectivity.

Users took to social media to express that they were having problems with one user saying: "Anyone having issues with Twitter right now? Apparently the app updated and now I’m having issues with sending replies to tweets and issues with the feeds not loading. @TwitterSupport"

Another said: " Is anyone else’s twitter not working (again) or is E*on mad that I blocked him 🙄"

One user chimed in with: "Twitter having issues for yall or does my wifi and data simultaneously suck rn"

While another simply added: "TWITTER NOT WORKING".