A LAKE District magician won a magic scholarship in America to learn with the best in the scene.

Jack Moodie flew to Ohio for the youth magic scholarship, runned by the Blackpool company Vanishing Inc. Magic.

The conference lasted for four days at the Renaissance, Columbus Downtown in Ohio.

Jack, 16, from Bowness, said he had an 'amazing' experience.

He said: "There was a lot of access to different American magicians like Peter Turner and Chris Ramsay."

"The lectures were really good and I have learned a lot. There were lots of FISM (International Federation of Magic Societies) inspiring winners there."

The Mail: Jack showing his tricks at the conference to a group of magicians.Jack showing his tricks at the conference to a group of magicians. (Image: Submitted)

Jack had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience during his stay in Ohio.

His mother, Lorraine Moodie said: "He was doing magic not just in front of an audience but also in front of other magicians so the pressure was higher, but he absolutely enjoyed it!"

"They were really encouraging Jack and shared a lot of knowledge. Nobody said 'You did that wrong', they would say 'That's great, but have you thought about doing it in a different way.'"

"It was very exciting to hang around and play games withother magicians."

She added: "We spent a lot of money on the flights and the hotel, but without a doubt it was the best money we could ever spent. He loved every second of it."

The Mail: Jack with the mentalist Peter Turner.Jack with the mentalist Peter Turner. (Image: Submitted)

Jack's future is looking promissing with a busy agenda for the following months.

The young magician will also be supporting his mentor Michael The King of Aces on July 14 in Accrington.

He will be attending a magic convention in Blackpool and is preparing his performance for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August.

He will be doing background work for the magician Dan Bastianelli for his show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

In the meantime, the teenager will be getting ready for his GCSEs.

Jack is a member of the Young Magic Circle and have been helped along the way by the professional magician, The King of Aces. 

He has got into magic over the lockdown periods in 2020 as a hobby to pass the time.

His specialty is Card Magic, but he also performs Coin Tricks and other forms of magic.

For more information visit: https://www.thatmagicjack.co.uk/