A FESTIVAL born from crowdfunding is returning for its eighth edition.

Another Fine Fest (AFF) is back in Ulverston between on June 17-18.

AFF is a free multi-arts event that takes place in the town centre with multiple outdoor stages and partner venues.

It consists of live street art, window painting, and comedy - in association with Ulverston's comedy club Planet Mirth - live music & DJs, a themed parade, circus skills, street theatre and interactive workshops. 

The festival is born from crowdfunding and is a "festival made possible by the people", said director Dave Crossley.

He said: "Much of our free event depends upon the success or otherwise of our crowdfunder.

"People's crowdfunding contributions usually equal around a quarter of our total costs, help to unlock funds from grant givers who ask for match funding and enable us to pay everyone a fair wage."

Their crowdfunding campaign generated £11,952 from 422 people in 2022.

For this year's edition, they need to raise £15,000.

The Mail:

"In 2023, we aren't asking a single person to contribute more than they have done previously - we know all too well how tough things have been and will continue to be financially", said the director.

"But just imagine if a larger number of people could contribute just a small amount. Just a few quid each from everyone that has ever enjoyed our events and we would not only obliterate our target but safeguard the future of our fest."

Those who donate receive rewards including a signed art from their street artists, personalised hand stitched love hearts, hand painted bowler hats or contributors name printed in the official programme.

The Mail: Street art workshop.Street art workshop. (Image: Submitted)

Dave said: "If we don't make the target it will make it very difficult to deliver all that we have planned and we will most certainly have to scale back on what we are able to offer. We will need to seek additional funding from sponsors but of course this is not guaranteed."

"Thankfully one thing that we can always rely on are our partner venues who support the event with fantastic lineups in each of their venues. 

"We would not exist without those wonderful pubs who become a part of our overall programme and who believed in the dream back us when I knocked on their doors for the first time back in 2013."

For more information visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/anotherfinefest