A NEW app promising same-day delivery from dozens of Furness retailers is soon to be launched.

The team behind Barrow Eats is days away from unveiling its new venture: Barrow Shops.

Barrow Shops hopes to provide a new way for shops in the town to advertise to the community and offer a convenient way to complete deliveries.

And dozens of retailers have already signed up for the app, including: Charnleys, Heaths Toymaster, The Little Flower Company, NC Meats, Southwards Farm Shop and much more.

The app has been nearly two years in the making with co-founder Scott Beckman leading the efforts to bring the idea to life.

He said: “We saw a gap in the market for this. We can see nothing on the market like this locally. It gives shops an opportunity to advertise themselves on a space they don’t currently have.

“There’s the argument that the app will reduce footfall in the town, but this will allow the shops in town to compete with the online retailers; it’s going to give them fair opportunity.

“If anything, I really think it’ll help increase trade. People can get same-day orders from local businesses. For example, if you want to order a toy you can place an order for somewhere like Heaths Toymaster and get the item delivered that same day, which online retailers like Amazon can’t do. All of the shops are offering same day delivery.

“The app has been really well received among shop-owners.”

And grocery stores are also signed up to the app, with some traders offering delivery within the hour to local customers.

Mr Beckman said: “Businesses are struggling and this is a way for people to help them compete in the online space without having to close their doors. People can also order it for collection from the shops if they still want to visit their favourite stores.”

Mr Beckman said the move comes as a result of growing demands from businesses in the area who wanted to utilise the Barrow Eats app, but did not have any food on offer.

“This had never been the original plan for us,” he said.

“When we launched Barrow Eats we received a lot of messages from various companies asking if they could join but it didn’t fit in. We wanted to keep Barrow Eats just food, so came up with the idea of Barrow Shops.

“This is the complete unknown for us. We’ve put a lot of money and time into this. This will generate more staff assuming it works. We’re taking a risk but we’re confident it will be well received – even better than Barrow Eats.”

Mr Beckman is hoping to launch the app on app stores this Friday. Delivery will be restricted between the Barrow and Ulverston area.