Players of the popular Fifa 23 game have reported issues with the game's servers with many users saying they were kicked out of matches.

News that there was something wrong with the servers came this evening in the UK (Tuesday, February 7).

The outage reporting website, Downdetecter, tweeted: "User reports indicate Fifa is having problems since 4:32 PM GMT. RT if you're also having problems #fifadown."

Soon after, it issued another tweet, saying: "User reports indicate EA is having problems since 4:40 PM GMT. RT if you're also having problems #EAdown."

EA has not confirmed the outage as of the time of writing.

What is wrong with Fifa servers as users report issues?

Downdetector suggested that the most common issues reported by users were to do with server connection, login and gameplay.

73% of the reported problems stemmed from server connection while 23% and 3% came from login and gameplay respectively.

Users complained of problems with one user saying: "Got kicked during 3rd game of draft" while another added: "any1 else kicked out of fut 23 and told scan QR code but when u do it says 502 bad gateway. WTF???"

Another chimed in with: "Is anybody struggling to play rivals ?" before other users agreed with one saying: "Yep, same here" and another adding: "I'm getting the same."