WE asked readers: What was the best nightclub in Barrow back in the day?

And there were a lot of nominations for that top spot…

Elaine Butcher said: “Barrow Bowl (late 70s) and Rugby Club (1980s)....oooooohhh some great times.”

Shaun McKenzie said: “Martinis 100 percent had some wild nights working the door there at a great time in life,” Katharine Louise Allen said: “Martinis of course.”

Alan Benner said: “For me it was Bar Cairo & Scorpio. Had some really good times back then miss those nights out,” John Dewhurst said: “Barrow bowl, Rugby Club, 99 Club, Manhattans, Whispers, Maxims, Imperial.”

Linda Laing said: “Whispers on Fridays, Scorpio on Saturday and Sunday. Free hotpot with your ticket on Sundays lol!”

Simonn Mclaughlin said: “Always the original Manhattans,” Lynn Morgan said: “Rugby club,” and Julie Smith said: “Whispers and champers.”

Peter Forsyth said: “Cornwallis Street brilliant times down there back in the day they should bring back those days,” Louise Thomas Was Wood said: “I liked them all.”

Clare Jenkinson said: “Definitely champers lots of great nights spent there,” Linda Chalmers said: “The 99 but also enjoyed dancing to the music on the jukebox in the Duke of Edinburgh.”

David Bertram said: “Circus circus for me,” Gary Rees said: “Martinis, turning round and wondering where your pint went on the revolving dance floor.”

Jill Moul said: “Maxims by a mile,” Ian Rainford said: “Manhattans (the 80’s version) best nights out in town - easily.

Melanie Lothian Lee Eldridge said: “Depends when your day was! Duke of Ed and Public Hall in the 60s. 99 Club in 60s and 70s. Cons Club and Whispers in the 80s…”

Claire Ward said: “I used to go to The Place but when that closed went to Cee Pees (which then changed name to Scorpio).”

Donna Struthers said: “House of lords, cons club then over to whispers on a Tuesday night,” Loretta Anne Eccles said: “Scorpio, had many a great night in there.”

Dean Edwards said: “Depended on what day it was,” Suzanne Tyrer said: “Old bank then legends then on to whisper's on a Tuesday night,” James Neild said: “Whispers- Tuesday. Bluebird club - Thursday and Scorpio Friday & Saturday.”

Sarah Jane Athersmith said: “All of Cornwallis Street,” Barbara Whalley said the best nightclub was the: “Ninety nine club, back in the day,” and Rose Campbell said: “Maxims was my fave growing up.”