AN inquest into the death of a 40-year-old who died in Barrow will not have a jury after deliberation in a review hearing.

Christopher Crosthwaite, from Barrow, died on October 12 2021.

Present at the inquest held at Cockermouth Coroner’s Court was Mr Crosthwaite’s partner Jennifer, father Colin and step mum Lynn, as well as legal representatives for the family and Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust.

At Thursday’s hearing, Dr Shaw asked the trust for an overview statement referring to Mr Crosthwaite’s illness from 2020.

Following this the review hearing went on to discuss who should be called to give live evidence in court.

The court also heard discussion regarding calling a witness from the trust to give evidence which was disputed by the trust’s legal representative.

However, the family’s legal representative said the witness was one of the last people to see Mr Crosthwaite alive and should be called to give evidence.

Mr Crosthwaite’s partner Jennifer said: “I think it’s crucial that she attends. We should be allowed to ask questions of her. I don’t think a statement is going to answer our questions.”

Dr Shaw agreed that the court would be unable to get ‘the full picture’ without speaking to the witness directly and said it is his position to call her to the court after receiving her statement. He reminded the court that an inquest is a fact-finding enquiry and does not approportionate blame or responsibility.

Dr Shaw asked for further statements from the trust for the inquest.

He said: “A significant illness in a relatively short amount of time happened. We’ve asked the trust for a statement about [Mr Crosthwaite’s] illness, diagnosis and how it was managed in 2020 and whether they felt there had been a complete recovery.”

Discussion was heard regarding calling a jury for the inquest; however, it was the position of Dr Shaw to continue the process without a jury.

Remarking on the decision, Dr Shaw said: “I believe I have sufficient experience to deal with what happened myself and reach a conclusion without a jury. I don’t think a jury is required.”

A date is yet to be decided for the inquest but a month of June has been agreed on by all parties.

Dr Shaw has allowed a full day for the inquest.