The Millom Peninsula is teeming with evidence of humans living here during prehistoric times, so says Millom and District Local History Society.

To help celebrate this the society have published a 140-page booklet identifying the main archaeological finds.

Chair of the Society Jan Bridget has brought together evidence from the Mesolithic period down to the Iron Age.

This includes the footprints on Duddon foreshore in Millom, to flints, stone axes, monuments, stone axe hammers and cairns which have been found throughout the Millom peninsula.

She said: "The most intriguing are the circular cropmarks where, perhaps, wooden poles were placed suggesting wooden henges, precursors to the stone henges where folk would gather to celebrate winter solstice.

"There is so much to uncover - the society hopes the publication will spur on further research.

"It would be wonderful if we could get funding to employ our own archaeologist and equipment to facilitate community surveys to explore both the cropmarks and the sites where stone circles existed before Victorian farmers pulled them down to make ploughing easier and to use for stone walls, gate posts, houses.

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"This really is a haven for anyone interested in prehistory and hopefully the booklet will inspire local people to explore the incredible history right here on our own doorstep."

Copies of Millom and District: Prehistoric Past will be on sale at a reduced price of £8 at the book launch on Saturday, February 11, at 11am. at Holy Trinity church when the author and Duane Farren will be talking about their finds.

There will also be a pop-up museum showcasing many of the local finds, in particular metal detectorist Josh Carr's recent discovery of three bronze axe heads. 

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Jan said: "Once the authorities take the axes, it will be some time before they will be released and even then Josh might not get them back if museums want to purchase them. 

"So in order to enable local people to see the axe heads we have brought forward the book launch date -  Josh will be there, along with his finds."