A CONCERNED mum fears children may be at risk of a ‘dangerous dog’ after her own rescue pooch was attacked.

Bethany Armstrong has been left with a hefty vet bill after her rescue Labrador, Maddie, was attacked by a ‘bully’ type dog on Sunday (January 22).

The 28-year-old mum-of-one let her pooch outside onto Hawke Street when another dog came running around the corner.

Bethany said the dog ‘launched itself’ at her pet leaving her with ‘severe’ puncture wounds to her neck.

“There was two young men with the dog and they started shouting at it when it was running towards Maddie,” Bethany said.

“I was screaming hysterically at this point and the men said stand on their dog’s neck.

“I was desperately trying to get it off Maddie’s neck. I managed to unlatch it and it ran away. The two men also fled the scene.”

Bethany found Maddie in the next street ‘injured’ and ‘terrified’.

“I was cradling her, she was so petrified,” she said.

“Neighbours started coming out of their houses because they’d heard a commotion.

“One woman called the police and a local dog trainer asked if she could help.

“Police arrived and because I was in a state of shock, they said they’d transport me and Maddie to the emergency vet in Dalton because she had some nasty puncture wounds to her neck.

“If the wound was a little bit deeper, she would have been dead.”

Bethany was told that police could not take any further action since it was a dog-on-dog attack.

A spokeswoman for Cumbria Police confirmed they received a report at 5.16pm on January 22 of an attack by a dog on another dog in Hawke Street, Barrow.

An officer attended to carry out inquiries and assisted the owner of the dog with facilitating vet care for the dog.

Maddie was given emergency treatment at Furness Vets where she was sedated, stitched up and given antibiotics.

Bethany said the incident has left her and her Maddie ‘anxious’ – and fearful the ‘dangerous’ dog may attack again.

“The incident has made me and Maddie rally anxious. I’m scared to take Maddie out – we’re constantly looking around the corner,” she said.

“Maddie was a rescue dog so she was already traumatised coming to me and never really leaves my side. I had to ask the vets advice because she was too scared to go out the house.

“This dog was so vicious – it makes you think, what if this had been a child?

“I know it’s not the breed of the dog – it’s how they’ve been brought up.

“It scares me that this dog is still out there and could attack another dog or even a child.

“I’m terrified of bumping into them again. “

Bethany has launched a fundraising page to help pay for the veterinary bills. Any leftover cash will be donated to animal charities.

To make a donation, visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-fund-maddies-vet-bills-after-dog-attac