The Norman Nicholson Society is celebrating the poet's birthday.

Norman Nicholson is rated by many as Cumbria’s finest poet of the 20th century.

He was a talented poet during the 20th century who was born and lived his whole life in the same house in Millom, Cumbria from 1914-1987.

To celebrate the 109th anniversary of his birth, poetry enthusiasts will gather in Millom on Sunday January 8.

Members of the Norman Nicholson Society are gathering to remember the poet who wrote about people, places, and concepts with universal significance, starting at 2pm.

Nicholson’s lifelong home at 14 St George’s Terrace will host the first part of the celebration, with readings of his poetry.

The event will then move to St George’s Church, site of the magnificent Nicholson Memorial Window designed by the late Christine Boyce, for further readings and discussion.

Antoinette Fawcett, editor of the Society’s newsletter ‘Comet,’ said: “Nicholson’s poetry engaged with and spoke to his own times and still speaks to ours - perhaps more strongly than ever.

“He was conscious of the impact that humans have on nature and foresaw our own time of extreme environmental degradation.

“He also wrote about the societal forces that affect people’s lives and livelihoods: loss of work, loss of home, or even loss of life—the greater and smaller tragedies that affect ordinary people.

“Mindful of the current conflict raging in the Ukraine, and of problems of food and fuel poverty in our own country, we have chosen to mark Norman’s birthday this year in such a way as to bring out his awareness of the suffering and sacrifice caused by war and other human-created cataclysms.”

The Norman Nicholson Society is currently engaged in a project to buy and renovate Nicholson’s old house in Millom

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