A FAR-RIGHT group have reportedly delivered nearly 1,000 leaflets to Furness homes and displayed anti-immigration banners outside hotels housing refugees.

Patriotic Alternative North West activists have been protesting in Barrow town centre, with banners reading ‘end the invasion, stop immigration’.

The far-right group held the banners outside the Majestic and Imperial hotels which are known to be housing refugees.

The protest comes two months after right-wing activists approached refugees at the Imperial Hotel in a reported hate incident.

In the video – posted on a far-right party’s website – refugees believed to be staying at the Barrow hotel were approached by activists who asked questions like ‘how have you got here’ while filming the group.

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Police said they worked with partners and spoke to those who notified them of concerns and 'will continue to support them'.

As well as displaying banners at town centre locations such as Dalton Road and Duke Street, Patriotic Alternative also claims to have delivered 900 ‘Migrant Invasion’ and ‘Minority by 2066’ leaflets to Dalton homes.

Simon Fell, MP for Barrow and Furness, condemned the group as spreading ‘falsehoods and hatred’.

He said: “I see that the brave souls who went out to protest when no one else was about made sure to wear masks and hide their faces in these photos. Clearly they are as proud as can be about representing a group that spreads falsehoods and hatred, and which is led by a Nazi-sympathiser.”

Patriotic Alterative is led by Mark Collett, who appeared on a Channel 4 documentary entitled Young, Nazi and Proud and wrote a book in which he described Hitler's Nuremberg rallies as 'something that one would have been proud to be a part of'.

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Earlier this year members of the group were accused of trying to spread 'poison' in Barrow by delivering leaflets opposed to Afghan refugees entering the country.

Leaflets posted through letterboxes in the Oxford Street area told householders to 'put British people first' and oppose 'Afghan migrants'.

Activists were also pictured bearing banners outside Barrow Town Hall that said 'Europe belongs to the European'.

Mr Fell led criticism of the group's actions, saying people in the town were welcoming of refugees.