A BUSINESS owner accused by Eleanor Williams of trafficking her for sex has hit out at 'fabricated lies'.
Mohammed Ramzan was alleged by the 22-year-old defendant to have been involved in selling her for sex at 'parties' in Barrow, across the north of England and abroad.
Williams is standing trial at Preston Crown Court accused of multiple charges of perverting the course of justice, relating to allegations that she made false claims of being trafficked for sex and falsified evidence.

Taking to the witness box, Mr Ramzan repeatedly denied he had ever had any contact with the defendant.

He said the only time he had ever seen her was at a birthday party and that he knew of her because her aunt was friends with his wife.

He told Louise Blackwell KC, defending: "I've never spoken to her. I've never had any contact with your client."

In an answer to another question, he said: "You know what? This is ridiculous. This is absolutely ridiculous.

"Don't you think your client has put me through hell enough.

"Have police investigated me within an inch of my life? Yes.

"This is absolutely disgusting."

Answering no to another question from Ms Blackwell, he asked her 'are you delusional?'
He then complained to the judge of being asked the 'same' question.

Mr Ramzan was then asked if he had sex with Williams in his car.

He said: "I've never been in a car with Miss Williams.

"I've never even spoken to Miss Williams in my life so how could I have been in my car with her?"
He told Ms Blackwell: "What part are you not understanding? I've never spoken to your client."
Asked if he offered her waitressing work, he said the claims were 'fabricated lies'.

Ms Blackwell asked him if he had sex with Williams at his former restaurant Mr Elephant.

He said: "Behave yourself. No I didn't. Absolutely revolting."
Mr Ramzan also denied that he asked her to have sex with other men
Earlier in the day, the jury heard evidence from Dr Alison Armour, a Home Office pathologist, about injuries on Williams' body.

Earlier this week, Dr Armour described how photos taken of the defendant's body showed she had eight injuries to her head and face, including bruising and swelling to her right eye.

She said the pictures also showed a cut to her left little finger and bruises, which were roughly circular in shape, to her arms.

There were also circular bruises to the front of her abdomen as well as superficial abrasions, which Dr Armour said were consistent with scratching with fingernails.
She told the jury the injuries sustained were 'consistent' with being self-inflicted, rather than the result of an assault by a third-party.

Summarising, Dr Armour said the injuries were 'consistent' with this woman striking herself a multiplicity of times with a hammer to the face, both legs, her left arm, to the front of the lower abdomen'.

Jurors were also taken through a book of songs said to have been written by the defendant.
In one of them, entitled 'I Bleed', she wrote 'you will never understand the feeling that comes with a knife in your hand' and 'I haven't cut for a month or two'.

Mr Sandiford told the jury: "It will not be a surprise to hear that what the prosecution point to is that the defendant is talking, the prosecution say, about harming herself with a knife, including cutting herself on her arms and legs."

Williams, of Teasdale Road on Walney, denies seven charges of perverting the course of justice.

The trial continues.