Author reveals more books are on the way.

Gill Jepson is a well-known author from South Cumbria and is the founding member of the 'Furness Abbey Fellowship' a voluntary group who work alongside English Heritage to support the historic abbey.

Gill Jepson is known for her charity work, her love of Furness Abbey and her writing, she also likes exploring the beautiful Furness peninsula which serves as a great inspiration for her stories.

Most famously, Gill has written a series of fantasy novels, the 'Out of Time' books which are set around the history of Furness Abbey in Barrow-in-Furness.

Her series, published by Amberley Books, highlights Gill’s tremendous knowledge of her hometown.

Working with Amberley Publishing, an independent publisher of books on a rich variety of history and heritage, Gill Jepson has written both fact and fiction.

Gill’s newest book, Furness Abbey Through Time is available now, she said: “It’s an interesting look at old pictures of Furness Abbey and observations about the changes to this amazing place.”

Furness Abbey Through Time includes some truly unique and rare photographs, a few of which were donated by local people in the area.

All of Gill Jepson’s current books are available to purchase from most bookshops as well as online.

Another book, titled: Reflections of Barrow has been commissioned and published by Amberley Books.

Reflections of Barrow has long awaited release due to delays that arose because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and will be released May 15, 2023,

Gill said: “Reflections of Barrow is a detailed look at the changes to this industrial town, using blended pictures of old and new Barrow to demonstrate these differences.”

Her next book for Amberley will be A Potted History of Barrow and District and is due out later in 2023.

Gill said: “A Potted History of Barrow and District gives the opportunity to explore the wider area and include some of the very interesting aspects of our local history; including other small towns and villages in the Furness peninsula.”