CUMBRIA has been ranked as one of the safety places in terms of bike thefts.

Research conducted by the home insurance team at Comparethemarket has taken an in-depth look into bike theft statistics to reveal the locations most at risk and whether this type of crime is becoming more prevalent.

Cyclists in London are predicted to make 22,818 reports of bike thefts in 2022 making them the location most at risk.

Cumbria is the location least at risk of having their bikes stolen with a total of just 169 thefts predicted for 2022.

An estimated 72,445 bike thefts are predicted to occur in England by the end of 2022.

Commenting on the research, Anna McEntee, director at Comparethemarket said: “With so many bike thefts taking place across the country, it’s crucial that cyclists do everything in their power to prevent their bikes from being stolen.

"This should include investing in high-quality locks, being careful about where you park your bike and registering with the National Cycle Database. 

You should also check if your home insurance policy covers bike theft as standard and consider taking out additional cover if it doesn’t. You’ll likely need cover for when you’re out and about as well as when you’re parked up at home, so make sure the policy applies in both situations as they differ between providers.”