A VOLUNTEER for Barrow’s The Well Community has marked a personal milestone for sobriety.

Lyn Rotherham has been with the organisation since 2020 before lockdown and she is now working as one of their volunteers as a Health and Wellbeing coach.

She is also reached three years sober since beginning treatment with the group.

The Well is known in the area for providing support and help with people living with addiction or mental health problems.

Lyn, who is from Morecambe, said: “Three years. I can’t believe it; every day is a bonus.

“I’ve been with the Well since before lockdown, and I started going to the group sessions which helped a lot.

“I began volunteering for them after a year.

“I work for them now as a Health and Wellbeing coach, so I deal with low level mental health issues, and addiction problems. People can come to me and I refer them to the groups or see them myself.

“I work with the groups and run a craft group as well.

“We do social evenings where people from Barrow, Kendal and Morecambe and they get together in Lancaster.

“I have to say if it wasn’t for the Well, I wouldn’t be here now, with the way I was going. I was drinking two and a half litres of Vodka a day. They saved my life.

“I was talking to this girl at an AA meeting who suggested The Well. I had never heard of it before.

“I’ve got my family back; I lost my husband three years ago and I know he’d be proud of me after all this.

“I can’t believe its three years still.

“I drank for a long time and its quite a blessing to really be alive. To celebrate three years, I did a 10k run last week on Sunday. We have a community running group.

“The Well has opened up so many possibilities.

“I’m so grateful to the Well and they mean everything to me. I believe in what they are doing.”