Pupils from Abbotsmead Infant School were on their hands and knees as they marked out lines on their new car park in June 1994.

The following week the Barrow school would officially open its new playground on the site of the old car park.

In the meantime, with the help of two mature full-time students from Furness College, they had turned their old playground into a school car park.

Pete Sadler, a lecturer at the college, said: "We will use it as a measuring exercise for the children."

Children from Haverigg School were producing a phone directory for the Millom area in January 1990.

The directory would be like the Yellow Pages with businesses and industries in the area paying a small sum to be included.

School head Ken Heaton said the pupils started work on the directory as part of their national curriculum school work at the start of January.

They were laying out advertisements for the book on computer and, when it was finished at Easter, they hoped to place a copy in the local library and sell copies to the public.

British Telecom staff had been to the school to show the children how to use some of the equipment they would need to compile the book.

And some of the 23 children aged ten and 11 in the fourth year junior class, who were taking part if the project, would join other children from around the country at Durham University later in the year for a project about business learning for primary schools.

"The pupils are enjoying the project. It's not intended to develop them into little business tycoons but to get them to understand more about the oustide world," said Mr Heaton.

In 1992, pupils from St Pius School at Barrow recalled the Good Old Days when they entertained senior citizens in the school hall with a show from old time music hall.