A BARROW Raiders rugby coach who sustained a fatal head injury after falling down stairs at home died accidentally, an inquest has heard.

A huge outpouring of grief and shock from the club and Barrow community followed the sudden death of Alex Broadhead, a coach for Barrow Raiders Ladies, and ex-Hull and Halifax player.

The inquest heard that the 50-year-old was found dead at his home in Barrow at the bottom of the staircase at around 3 am on June 3, 2022, by the daughter of his partner of 13 years, Elayne Lindsay.

Mr Broadhead, originally from Leeds, had lived at the address since 2010 with his son from a previous marriage, Fraser, Ms Lindsay, and her two children, Bethany and Ben, who Mr Broadhead 'raised as his own'.

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Coroner Dr Nick Shaw heard a statement submitted by Ms Lindsay that she and Mr Broadhead had 'a good day at the rugby' watching Barrow Raiders, and were somewhere between 'tipsy and drunk'.

She said that he was in an 'extremely happy state of mind' when he went to bed between 1 am and 1.30 am, and that in general, he was 'mentally, really good'.

Dr Shaw said that he did not consider him significantly impaired by alcohol, with his blood alcohol levels being only slightly above the legal limit.

A spindle from the bannister was found on the floor near Mr Broadhead, but it was unclear if this caused him to fall or if he used it to steady himself.

He had no significant medical history, with no physical or mental health issues, but Ms Lindsay said 'he seemed tired in the weak leading up to the incident'.

His mother, Barbara Broadhead, said she thought it could have been 'something medical' that made him fall.

She also said he had been 'very tired for a while', and she 'could tell just from speaking to him on the phone', but 'wasn't one for going to the doctor', 'thinking that things would right themselves'.

"There was something wrong, but he didn't really address it."

Dr Shaw concluded that while a medical event was possible, because there was no medical evidence, it was more likely that he simply lost his footing, and recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Barrow Raiders head coach Paul Crarey had said: "He'll be sadly missed, he was a great, great bloke, one of the friendliest blokes you'll ever meet."