A RANGE of students from across the sixth form and Channelside campuses have been appointed to the Furness College Students’ Union.

Thee students successfully campaigned for the roles and were voted on by their peers to represent the students’ voice across college.

A Level students Jayden Milby and Gabe Scarpone were jointly appointed as Presidents for the Rating Lane campus while health and social care student Wilson Hubbold was voted in as President at Channelside.

They will be working together cross-campus to bring about positive change.

Gabe said: “It’s great to represent the student body and we are aiming make a difference to Furness College.”

Jayden said: “It’s a fantastic way to make a change in college for everyone.”

The Students’ Union backed the Mental Health and Wellbeing Festivals at Channelside held on Monday, November 21, and another at Rating Lane in December.

Wilson said: “We are looking forward to running a series of events that will support and inspire our students during their time here.”

Among the other improvements they have planned are restarting college socials, introducing recycling facilities and looking at ways to raise funds for community projects.