'WE will remember them' - Cumbrians have been sharing their memories of the county in wartime, and of their families' war heroes on Remembrance Sunday.

Maggie B Dickinson shared this photo and the tale of a decorated World War 2 veteran:

"My relative James Hewitson VC of Coniston.  

"The Victoria Cross is the greatest award for bravery in the face of the enemy.  

"Mostly it is awarded posthumously.  

"He was a farm worker who had no choice but to kill 16 men single-handed in WW2. It was to haunt him all his days.

"He died shouting 'They're coming to get me'. It is such a privilege to share his ancestry.  RIP Jimmy."

The Mail: James Hewitson VCJames Hewitson VC (Image: Maggie B Dickinson)

Yvonne Elizabeth Athersmith remembered this hero from the first Great War:

"My husband Trevor's grandad Jack Athersmith who, like many, lied about his age and joined the King's Own Regiment to fight in World War 1. 

"He was captured on July 31, 1917, at Ypres along with about 20 others from the King's Own. 

"He was then taken back into the German lines where him and 7 others were used as stretcher bearers for the Germans. 

"He was a prisoner of war for the rest of the conflict and released into Switzerland at the end of the war.

"We have a copy of his diaries and operation orders from that time."

The Mail: Jack AthersmithJack Athersmith (Image: Yvonne Elizabeth Athersmith)

Carole Rushton shared this wonderfully evocative photograph of two family members with a backdrop of a war-scarred Barrow:

"This is a photo of my mam with her brother Fred Wilde. 

"They are stood in Byron/Wordsworth Street back street and you can just see behind them where the bombs dropped."

The Mail: War-torn BarrowWar-torn Barrow (Image: Carole Rushton)