A 'UNIQUE' food option in Barrow town centre will be missed, according to a town centre councillor.

The team at Sweet Pepper Café in Barrow's Dalton Road took to social media to say that a 'tiny sacrifice' was necessary as part of the borough council's plans to 'level up and regenerate' the area.

Last month, it was revealed that three businesses in the ginnel between the bottom of Portland Walk and the top of Dalton Road were facing an uncertain future due to the council's regeneration plans.

The council said at the time that it was working with tenants 'to identify options for relocation'.

Councillor Anne Burns, of the Hindpool ward of Barrow, said: "It is a real shame because they have been really unique in Barrow. I have heard a lot of good things from vegetarians or vegans who do not have a lot of places to cater to their needs, and this has done that really well.

"If we are doing regeneration of the town centre, it would be a shame to lose businesses like this. I am not privy to the discussions but we could have perhaps tried to find alternative premises for them.

"This is a unique business I would have hoped to have keep hold of and in terms of Barrow regeneration, this is the sort of thing we need to keep in the town."

A café spokesman said: "It is our decision to fully support whatever they require of us as we believe it will be for the betterment of the entirety of the project." 

Councillor Burns was very impressed by this attitude.

She said: "I would hope that this sort of business will stick around through the plan. We do have a partnership approach with our businesses and they have a very impressive attitude, I would hope that we could try and strike up a deal."