The Hairy Bikers have revealed how they ‘really started’ as Dave Myers recalled being owed a three figure sum by co-star Si King.

The revelation came after a fan of the Hairy Bikers – Agony Uncles podcast wrote into the show with a quandary.

‘Dan’ said that he had lent his brother £1,000 a few years ago when he was ‘on his uppers’ to help get him back on his feet.

“Now he runes a really successful plumbing company and is loaded,” said Dan. “Driving the flash cars, always on holiday - but he’s never once offered me the money back and it winds me up every time I see him. Should I ask for it back?”

Si suggested he should ask for the money back, to which Dave took the ‘opportune time’ to remind him about money he owed him from 1992, when Si sold him a Honda CBR750.

Dave said: “I gave you £1,000. I was well and truly ripped off and cupped by this young Geordie with a charming attitude.

“I went up to the highlands and anyway, it was a bag of nails, and I phoned him up and he had to admit that it wasn’t really as described and so I said, ‘well you can have your bike back, can I have my money back?”

Unfortunately for Dave, Si had already spent half of it.

“He gave me £500 back and came up in a van which he’d borrowed, or stolen, with some friends,” joked Dave. “But I still haven’t had that £500 balance back.”

The Barrow-born chef went on to say that Si had given him ‘more than money can describe’ in ‘many other ways’.

Si responded: “To be fair dude, because I nicked the van, it was either £500 and my knee caps still in place or you know... Yeah anyway, it was a long story but that’s where it went, it went to save my legs.”

Podcast regular Posh Tash said it was ‘quite ballsy’ of Si. She said: “You sell that to a friend, what would you do to somebody you don’t know?”

Dave told Posh Tash that he ‘wasn’t really’ his friend at this point, he was an ‘acquaintance’.

He said: “But the friendship actually seemed to spawn, well it was that week we started cooking.

“Being a Geordie, he didn’t just come up on his own in the van, he came up with four friends and stayed for a week. A week which we partied and caroused and cooked. And that’s how the hairy bikers really started.”