Rishi Sunak will appear for PMQs in the Commons today (October 26) for the first time as Prime Minister.

Prime Minister’s Questions will give an insight into how unified the party is behind its new leader after Sunak used his first public address on Tuesday to brace the country for “difficult decisions” as he criticised much of the legacy left behind by Liz Truss’ brief period as PM.

“Some mistakes were made. Not born of ill will or bad intentions – quite the opposite in fact. But mistakes nonetheless,” he said.

“I’ve been elected as leader of my party and your Prime Minister in part to fix them – and that work begins immediately.”

Rishi Sunak meets King Charles to be appointed Prime Minister

It’s expected that Sunak’s new-look Cabinet could first meet as early as this morning which would see the new PM’s allies gather, former Truss backers and figures too from the right wing of the party.

A No 10 source said that the new Cabinet “brings the talents of the party together” and that it reflects a “unified party”.

In the coming days, it’s likely details of what policies Mr Sunak and continuing Chancellor Jeremy Hunt might pursue could come to light as the pair ponder how to fill the multi-billion pound fiscal black hole inherited from the Truss administration.

How to watch and live stream Prime Minister’s Questions today

PMQs is expected to go ahead at the usual time of 12pm today (October 26).

It will be broadcast on the usual major news channels such as Sky News and BBC.

You can also watch it via the UK Parliament YouTube channelBBC iPlayer and the Sky News live YouTube stream.