An ex-EastEnders actress has been arrested for allegedly conning a man in his 80's out of £80,000, according to reports.

The actress cannot be named but is said to be accused of pretending to be in her 20's and 'catfishing' the elderly man.

The middle-aged star is believed to have offered online sexual services to the man in exchange for payment. 

Police have since said that the pensioner thought they were in a relationship after meeting the actress on a dating site. 

The Mail: PA/BBCPA/BBC (Image: PA/BBC)

Relatives of the man are said to have contacted the police after they noticed the elderly man's savings had vanished. 

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With speculation that the actress asked others to deposit some of the man's money in their account, according to The Sun.

Now it has been revealed that the former EastEnders actress was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud in July this year. 

Along with the actress, a woman 61, and two men aged 34 and 38 were also arrested for suspicion of fraud by false representation. 

All four have since been released under investigation.