HAIRY Biker Dave Myers dreamed of a life beyond his hometown of Barrow as a young boy.

A fan of TV chefs Dave and co-star Si King wrote into the Hairy Bikers – Agony Uncles Podcast requesting advice on foods from yesteryear.

The woman wrote: “I teach at a secondary school and one of the things I want to do in the new year is look at cooking through the decades and the way that food has changed over the years.”

The teacher went on to say she wanted to cook something that represents the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Quick to jump in, Dave said: “I can kick off with the 60s, it’s got to be a Vesta.

“Vesta chicken chow mein that came with a sachet of soy sauce which is the most potently savoury thing I’ve ever tasted, it also came with some noodles that you fried and put on top of your Vesta.

“I must admit that in the 60s I was a small boy, but I used to look forward to my Vesta.

“I’d sit on my floor cushion in my homemade loom pants, because my mother had a sewing machine but we had no money, so I made them myself. Loom pants with 28-inch bell bottom trousers, so what I did was I cut them to the knee and I put denim triangles in the side and fringes on the bottom – and I looked awful.

“But I would sit there, well I had alopecia so I couldn’t be hairy, a little bald child in 28-inch self-made looms with my chicken chow mein and I knew that my future laid in food and exotica way beyond Barrow-in-Furness, that’s the 60s.”

For Si, Wimpy’s brought the taste of the 70s, with Dave fondly remembering the Wimpy bender frankfurter.

For podcast regular Posh Tash, Parma ham and melon reminded her of the 80s.

Dave said: “Where I’m from they all thought, ‘nobody is eating that ham, it’s raw, ham should be boiled.’”