The middle aisle of both Aldi and Lidl are popular with shoppers keen to find a bargain on anything from gardening tools to clothing.

Whether it’s Aldi’s Specialbuys or Lidl’s Middle of Lidl, the latest offers are always worth checking out and there are some fantastic buys from Thursday, October 6.

Let's take a look at some of the items you can buy this week.

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Aldi’s Specialbuys

This Thursday, you’ll find a range of items amongst Aldi’s Specialbuys including clothing, Halloween decorations and more.

Ladies’ Green Waterproof Jacket

The Mail: Ladies’ Green Waterproof Jacket (Aldi)Ladies’ Green Waterproof Jacket (Aldi) (Image: Aldi)

If you’re wondering how to dress now that autumn is here, this waterproof jacket could be just what you need whilst out and about.

Whether you’re going on a family autumn walk or popping to the shops, this jacket will keep the rainwater and wind away.

It has an adjustable hood and sleeves and could be yours for £14.99 via the Aldi website.

Adult’s Batman Halloween Costume

The Mail: Adult’s Batman Halloween Costume (Aldi)Adult’s Batman Halloween Costume (Aldi) (Image: Aldi)

Still undecided on your Halloween costume? No need to worry as Aldi has a few to choose from including this Batman one.

The jumpsuit has a cape and comes complete with a mask.

It’s available in a size small, medium and large at the time of writing.

Make it yours for £16.99 via the Aldi website (not available in store).

Halloween 3.6m Inflatable Ghost

The Mail: Halloween 3.6m Inflatable Ghost (Aldi)Halloween 3.6m Inflatable Ghost (Aldi) (Image: Aldi)

Why not add the Halloween touch to your home with this Inflatable Ghost decoration?

Whether you host a party or pitch it in your garden, this light-up decoration is bound to make a statement this Halloween.

It’s powered by mains and has colour-changing LEDs.

It could be yours for £59.99 via the Aldi website.

You can see more of Aldi's Specialbuys via the website.

Lidl’s middle aisle

This Thursday, you’ll find DIY equipment and plants amongst Lidl’s middle aisle.

Silvercrest Dehumidifier

The Mail: Silvercrest Dehumidifier (Lidl)Silvercrest Dehumidifier (Lidl) (Image: Lidl)

This Dehumidifier could be an ideal addition to your home.

It has four settings and can come on automatically or via a timer and it’s programmable up to 24 hours.

It comes with a removable and washable filter as well as a large water tank which gives a warning signal when it is almost full.

Available for £119, you can find out more about it via the Lidl website.

Kids’ Pyjama Set

The Mail: Kids’ Pyjama Set (Lidl)Kids’ Pyjama Set (Lidl) (Image: Lidl)

Why not sit down comfortably and watch a marathon of Harry Potter films with the family on those cold, dull winter days?

Kids can choose from different Harry Potter designs and these pyjamas are available for £5.99.

See the designs and find out more via the Lidl website.

Auriol Light Alarm Clock with DAB+ Radio

The Mail: Auriol Light Alarm Clock with DAB Radio (Lidl)Auriol Light Alarm Clock with DAB Radio (Lidl) (Image: Lidl)

This alarm clock can wake you up to the light as well as nature sounds or your favourite radio programme.

It has 20 brightness settings and could be yours for £29.99.

Find out more about it via the Lidl website.

You can shop the rest of Lidl’s middle aisle via the website.