A BOOZY festival with dozens of beers will kick off today after a three year absence.

Ulverston Beer Festival will open its doors at 2pm on Thursday for the first time since 2019.

Organisers say they are excited to welcome people into Ulverston's Coronation Hall where they will be able to dabble in beers and ciders.

A website will accompany the festival, which lists every beer on offer with prices and strength. The website will update if a beer runs out.

More than 70 beers are on sale at the festival, which has been set up and staffed by volunteers.

Festival organiser Dave Wilson said: "We have signed a lot of volunteers this time - there are a lot of new people and enthusiasm is high.

"It would be completely impossible without the brilliant team of volunteers we have assembled."

The festival will be attended mostly by locals but some from across the country are expected to attend.

Mr Wilson said: "I was speaking to someone last time and they said they were from Leicester.

"But it is not surprising, it is a good venue and a lovely town to hold it in."

Barrow's Deli.sh will be providing food at the venue.

Organisers are particularly excited to have been able to invite local cider and perry producer John Hibbert, who began selling cider three years ago from his Cartmel orchard.

Mr Hibbert explains that, legally, cider only needs to contain a minimum of 35% apple juice, fresh or from concentrate.

But his cider is made from 100% real fruit that he grows in South Cumbria.

In fact, he won an award just last month from the International Cider and Perry Competition.

Janet Rydal, vice-chair of Furness CAMRA and joint festival organiser, said: "It is great to have such an award-winning cider maker here.

"There are not many real cider makers in this part of the world so we were delighted to make contact with John."

The festival will run from Thursday to Saturday at Ulverston's Coronation Hall.