A COMMUNITY has been remembering seven people who died in the Barrow legionella outbreak.

A man and six women from Barrow lost their lives after contracting Legionnaires' disease from a faulty air conditioning unit. 

Around 180 others also fell ill.

August marks two decades since the tragedy.

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Those who died were Richard Macauley, 88, Wendy Millburn, 56, Georgina Somerville, 54, Harriet Low, 74, Elizabeth Dixon, 80, June Miles, 56 and Christine Merewood, 55.

They became infected with the rare disease after passing under a poorly-maintained air conditioning unit next to The Forum.

Readers have been taking to social media t pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the outbreak. 

Janet Bury said: "June Miles was one of the loveliest and kindest ladies. I have never forgotten her, I lived in the area and she worked in our local shop."

Graeme Lee said: "RIP to all and thoughts with those affected and still affected too such a shame!"

Janet Kerr said: "RIP  to every victim of that terrible time."

Helen Louise Armes said: "My mum survived it but suffers. Can only feel for those that lost their lives. Awful."

Jackie Benn said: "Miss you June you are a shining star."

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Emma Jayne Mason said: "I think I was the youngest in Barrow to have Legionnaires disease at 21; ended up in High Dependancy Unit with a heart infection. Was definitely a close call."

Angela Higgins said: "My Uncle Len Dean's died from it as well he went to France on holiday not feeling well got brought home and died from this."

Vanessa Anne Quinn said: "I knew June as well, she was a lovely lady."

Trevor Morgan said: "God bless them all."

Brenda Livesey said: "I was one of the lucky ones, I survived."