READERS have had their say after it was revealed that Barrow is due to receive a share of £9 million in funding for new or improved park.

The borough will receive £85,000 under the Levelling Up Parks Fund, used to build new parks or improve existing ones.

Launching the fund during Love Parks Week, the Government hopes each new or improved green space will be 'an oasis for the local community', boosting creativity and positive mental health and contributing to net zero ambitions.

In England, the cash will be given to councils to create or significantly revamp existing parks in 85 neighbourhoods most deprived of outdoor space.

The Government said the new parks would significantly increase access to quality green space for those who need it most, supporting people without a garden to spend time with friends and family in the natural world.

When asked what they would want to see the money spent on, here is what our readers had to say.

Stephen Snell said: “A dog park. 100 quid tops I know it could be done for.”

Sarah Marie Forster said: “A disabled inclusive play area in the park would be good.”

The Tanning Salon said: “Be lovely to revamp the boat house and get the boats back on the lake.”

Tracy Garnett said: “A sensory garden which includes an inside area.”

Gillian Monney said: “Spend it on the roads the potholes in barrow are in a terrible state the park in Barrow doesn’t need it.”

Jessie Critch said: “Pets Corner was ace something similar would be good x”

Lucy Simmons said: “Spend it on fixing up the town, the park is already well maintained.”

Tina Bouanba said: “Spend it on the town centre, the park don't need it, it's perfect as it is.”

Sharon Granville Warburton said: “A stage to hold bands and a kids splash park.”

Dave Richards said: “Hot tubs, jacuzzi, wild flower meadow. Ice Rink at Christmas.”

Rob Morgan said: “Deffo something for disabled children as there is NOTHING in any park in barrow that has anything for them. So they miss out.”