PLANS are in the works to honour footballing hero Georgia Stanway after she was part of the England side which won the European Championships.

Enquiries are being made into whether Stanway can fit a civic celebration into her pre-season plans to honour her achievements at the tournament.

Stanway recently signed for German team Bayern Munich and so will have a tough pre-season training regimen to stick to. The German league is set to kick-off on September 16.

Across the country, England women's football players are receiving major plaudits after their dramatic win against Germany at the weekend - bringing the first major tournament honour to England football since 1966.

Barrow Mayor Hayley Preston said she was 'so glad' that she watched the football despite previously not being a fan.

England footballer Chloe Kelly was offered 'Freedom of the Borough' by Ealing Council, the highest honour a council can bestow.

And Councillor Bill McEwan agreed that it would be appropriate to offer Stanway a similar title.

He said: "As far as I know it has not been mentioned in the Council but I would very much support it seeing that we have a young girl from Barrow winning the tournament.

"If it was bandied about I would be more than supportive of it and I imagine would have wide support within the council too."

In Barrow, football flags were hung inside shop windows and draped across the window of popular pub Tailors as England took on Germany in the women’s Euros 2022 final.

It was watched by an average of 11 million people on TV, a record for a women’s football match in the UK.

The audience peaked at more than 17million in the closing minutes of the Lionesses’ 2-1 victory at Wembley, according to overnight figures released by the ratings organisation Barb.